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Poker Academy Pro v.2.59 (build233) [2007 г., Покер, игра с компьютером] скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

Poker Academy Pro v.2.59 (build233)
Год выпуска: 2007
Вид спорта: Покер, игра с компьютером
Участники: 10
Продолжительность: пока не проиграешься
Комментарий: http
Язык комментариев: английский
Poker Academy ProGreat poker software starts with high quality poker AI. Why? Poker, including Texas Holdem, has many levels of strategy and game play. If you learn to win against poor opponents, odds are good that your strategy will not hold up when you advance to better players. Once sitting at a better game, you will have to change your style and learn how to play at the new level. This is where our Texas Holdem software trainer Poker Academy Pro excels.
The artificial intelligence in our poker software is developed from world renown poker AI developed by the University of Alberta. But AI is only the beginning of the most powerful training tool available for Hold'em. Pro allows you to simulate any type of opponents, table types, game structures, scenarios, and drills - and allows you to do this at over 200 hands per hour!
- Added server capacity
- Paid users take precedence over demo users when server is near capacity
- Added online friend groups
- Added ability to search for offline players
- Friend's chat is coloured in the lobby
- Added graphs to the ratings
- Removed Official/Unofficial distinction for online rooms
- Fixed case problems with online ratings
- Fixed auto-updates in Vista
- Fixed bug with changing table images in Dutch version
Доп.информация: важное приложение для анализа статистики игры- Poker Academy Prospector v1.0 (build 75)
http: //

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