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Jamie Smart NLP Techniques Masterclass [2008 г., NLP] скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

Jamie Smart NLP Techniques Masterclass
Год выпуска: 2008
Страна: England
Жанр: NLP
Продолжительность: 8
Описание: “Enrich Your Toolbox with some of the Most Powerful NLP Tools there are”
Read on to find out how you can discover the secrets of NLP Technique elegance today at a special price (& an option to get your investment deducted from future products) with this special limited-time offer.
Now you have the opportunity to transcend your current knowledge of NLP techniques and discover how the masters of NLP use these techniques in ways that seem like pure magic.
In April of this year, we made a high-quality video of our highly successful “NLP Techniques Masterclass”. I’m delighted to say it was a huge success! The footage looks great, & we’re editing it for release next year. But read on to discover how you can get the audio recordings today at a special offer price, and save big money on the DVDs when they’re released (in effect, you’re going to end up getting these audios for free). Here’s the story…
When I first started learning NLP, one of the things that really got my attention was this idea of the phobia cure. At the time, I had a fear of public speaking and figured the phobia cure would help me overcome the problems I was having.
I had read about the phobia cure, but it was only when I was able to see the technique being used by someone who knew what they were doing, then practise it myself, that I was able to use this technique to get the changes that I wanted for myself and other people.
Over the years I have learned so many things that make a difference with the techniques of NLP so I want to make this available to you for the first time.
I am continually meeting NLP Practitioners who aren’t comfortable using some NLP techniques because they haven’t had the opportunity to understand them, get confident with them and try them out.**
In The NLP Techniques Masterclass, we’re going to be doing a relatively small number of techniques so that you can really learn them in depth and develop real confidence using them.
-A deeper understanding of NLP, hypnosis and how to run your own brain.
-An understanding of how people change.
-What experienced NLP practitioners look for and use to create profound changes in other people.
- “Insider secrets” for using NLP in ways that seem magical and elegant.
-An understanding of how various techniques work together, the structure of why they work and how they get the effects that they do. Should an approach not work, you will know why it didn’t work and also how to adapt the technique in ways that guarantee success.
-Stuff to try out with people! You’ll learn techniques and approaches that you can use with clients, colleagues, friends, family members and others. Not only can you help people overcome challenges they may have, you can also teach them how to run their brains better.
-How to re-programme the software that runs in your brain. Life can be much better when your mind is working for you and not against you. The techniques you’ll learn on this course will show you better ways of dealing with problems in your life and how your mind is the key to overcoming them.
-Ways to make more money. If you’re a coach or personal development professional then you’ll discover ways to increase your value by learning some new approaches to working with clients.
-Develop a reputation for results by using proven techniques and develop the sensory acuity and flexibility to ensure the people you work with experience profound improvements in their quality of life.
NLP Techniques Masterclass - Disc 1.mp3 1: 16
NLP Techniques Masterclass - Disc 2.mp3 1: 17
NLP Techniques Masterclass - Disc 3.mp3 1: 02
NLP Techniques Masterclass - Disc 4.mp3 1: 15
NLP Techniques Masterclass - Disc 5.mp3 1: 15
NLP Techniques Masterclass - Disc 6.mp3 1: 16
NLP Techniques Masterclass - Disc 7.mp3 0: 38
Аудио кодек: MP3
Аудио: mp3 44 kHz 2 channels 320 kbps

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